Are you a health coach, personal trainer, or medical professional?

Get a holistic vision of your client's health

We are collecting data from multiple sources through journaling and technology (eg: fitbit, ect...).
You'll be able to visualize all this information and get a holistic vision of your client's health.

Data we collect:
Fitness and Exercise
Online Behavior
And a lot more

Get to know your clients better than they know themselves!

Make sure your clients are not lying to you

Are your clients not exercising enough?
Are your clients not eating well?
Are your clients not sleeping enough?
Are your clients working too much?
Are your clients depressed or anxious?
Are your clients following their treatments?
And a lot more.

People lie, but data doesn't. Get hard data to know the truth!

Take advantage of a fun and engaging experience

People don't enjoy a boring website. We have a monster, a Dr. Monster, and some more characters coming.

Self-tracking will be fun for your clients: that will lead to better compliance with the tracking protocol, which in turn will lead to better quality data.

Get better data!

Help Science

With and only with their consent, the data collected from your clients will be used for scientific health research.

We are building the Quantified Us featured in Wired.

Make a positive contribution to the world!

The sky is the limit

From sophisticated data analytic to data-driven real-time interactions with your clients, the MonsterMizer offers endless exciting innovation opportunities.

Join the MonsterMizer to build the future of health with us.

Invent the future with us!

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Get to know your clients better than ever before!