Feed human data to the Health MonsterMizer:

And optimize your life!

Dr. Monster and his team found an egg during one of their expeditions.

They knew that a baby monster would come out of the egg, so they took good care of it.

Amazingly, the monster is now out of its egg!

This nice monster eats human data and uses its extraordinary data crunching abilities to produce new knowledge and insights about health, injuries, pain, exercise and rest.

We strongly believe that if we feed it enough data, this monster will revolutionize healthcare and scientific health research as we know it!

Frequently asked questions:

Why is this called the MonsterMizer?
MonsterMizer is a contraction of Monster and OptiMizer: so a monster you feed data to to optimize your health.

Ok, but monsters don't exist. So what is this monster?
Good point. To help you optimize your health, we need a bunch of complex lines of code and databases to retrieve, store, process and analyze data. All of the math, code, and databases: that's the real monster!

What else can this monster do?
Entertain you, teach you new things. The monster will go through many adventures in the future. So, stay tuned!

And the last question:

But wait, what's this thing about a monster?