The health revolution

Fighting for health

Medicine has we know it doesn't always have answers for everyone and it can be slow and ineffective. So should we just accept the situation? Our answer is no: we want to take action and turn our problems into opportunities!

Studying ourselves

But how can we do that? We can become actors of our health. Instead of letting scientists come up with new solutions all alone, we can study ourselves and collaborate with scientists. Studying ourselves starts with observation: with the internet and the cheap technology now available, we can easily collect unprecedented amounts of health data about ourselves. We will then use this data to better understand ourselves and find new solutions to our problems.

Improving your current health and investing in your future health

If you start collecting data about yourself with us, we can already start giving you personalized health recommendations based on what you tracked! By collecting data with us, you will also be investing in your future health. In the not so distant future, it should progressively become possible to use your health and fitness data to help you avoid getting sick, tailor treatments to your specific needs, and help you get better when you get sick. The more data you collect now, the better we will be able to help you in the future.

Helping science is helping yourself

We need to access large amounts of health data, aggregated from different sources, to push science forward and ultimately find new treatments to diseases. We are committed to push science forward by using a similar method to what's been described in Wired. This will ultimately help everyone, including you, when new treatments and new solutions emerge.

Another issue: the privatization of health data

Big tech companies are gathering massive amounts of health data about you and keep it for themselves in closed-loop systems. As John T. Wilbanks and Eric J. Topol explained here, this will harm research and widen inequalities! Furthermore, many companies are selling your health data as explained here, here and here: it's your data, but you are not getting anything out of it! Finally, many health companies are engaging in unethical behaviors and putting their profits above your health!

Our commitment to data freedom

We, on the other hand, will always act as transparently as possible and keep your health as our top priority! We will break the closed-loop systems created by big tech companies and make health data accessible and useful while keeping your best interest as our top priority. With your consent, we will let scientific research organizations and non-profits access your data for the lowest price possible, ideally for free (if you authorize us to do so). We will also give you the opportunity to open-source your data or to sell it to commercial third-parties if you want. We believe in data freedom!

To summarize

Against the status quo, against passivity, against closed-loop systems, against the race for profits over human beings: we fight for transparency, innovation, science, health and freedom!

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