Three easy steps

Step 1 : Create an account:

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And fill in the relevant information once you're logged in.

Step 2 : Use ManicTime and WhatPulse

Start using Manic Time and WhatPulse.

ManicTime is entirely free and WhatPulse is really cheap. The data recorded through ManicTime and WhatPulse needs to be exported to your computer. The data from WhatPulse needs to be exported every 7 days (you need to choose "Last 7 days" when exporting). For ManicTime, you should export both 'app' and 'time'. You will need to upload these files to MonsterMizer afterwards.

When you're logged in your account, let us know what tracker you're using in the "external data" section.

Step 3 : Record your daily pain every evening

Every Evening, log the average pain you had throughout the day.

Log your pain